Zelo incorporates communication, onboarding and learning in an easy to use package.

Understand when and how your audience engage

People are different and with Zelo you can adjust for that. Get insight into your audience’s habits and preferences, and improve the way you communicate to them. The dashboard provides just this insight, enabling you to improve over time, and advice you on when to send Zelos to optimize opens and responses.

Connect with the channels your audience already use

People have enough apps and messaging platforms as it is. Zelos distributes the content straight into emails, texts and messaging platforms such as Workplace and Slack*. And over time the systems learn which recipients respond best to which channels.

Build Zelos within minutes

Building Zelos is easy. Choose the building blocks you need, get a structure and fill in content, whether it is an important video about the new strategy, or a quiz to test your audience level of knowledge.

Distributed content readily accessible for your recipients

Make your content available. A unique URL is created and sent to each of the recipients, keeping track of responses and answers. No username or password required for the recipient and the links open on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Get started and explore how you can take advantage of the Zelo powers!