A-K maskiner is one of Norway´s largest suppliers of machinery and tools to the agricultural and construction industry. They are a part of the Bertel O. Steen Group, with a nationwide chain including 250 employees through 40 sales and service points. 


  • Improve corporate culture. 
  • Conduct training for the sales team.


  • Provide a platform for internal content distribution. 
  • Implement a CEO-driven mandatory multi-module ethics course for all employees. 
  • Improve sales training through engaging content and information.

Driving Cultural Change and Sales Training

AK Maskiner

The ambitious and creative Zelo-team has more than 7 years of experience with communicating complex concepts in a simple way. We are experts in conveying corporate values, change management, bringing new employees onboard and implement new systems and processes. 

Engaging Employees

“Zelo was a fantastic tool for sales training. We also used the platform to drive cultural change, including a multi-module ethics course for all employees. We instantly saw positive results in the sales team and improved satisfaction and engagement throughout the organization. Zelo is a great multi-functional platform that is easy to use.”  

More and more companies are struggling to engage their employees, and the latest statistics indicate that as many as 85 % of employees are not engaged in their work*. Resulting in an estimated $7 trillion in lost productivity globally. 

A-K maskiner uses Zelo to make sure they are not part of these statistics. Through carefully selective courses, content, and information, the company managed to drive cultural change and improve both employee engagement and satisfaction. 

With Zelo, A-K maskiner had a significant increase in work-satisfaction and engagement. 

Zelo provides an AI-enabled content distribution service optimized for onboarding, change management, and online training. The platform is used to distribute content to internal and external partners, including onboarding processes for new employees, implementation of new strategies and procedures for increased learning.

Our platform is user-friendly, smart and transparent, making sure everyone can use it without introduction or guidance. The user-friendliness is important to optimize content, distribution, and evaluation of feedback. 


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